Highly effective, liquid complex fertiliser for root and leaf uptake in agriculture and horticulture

Intelligent fertiliser application system adapted to actual needs

FLEX Fertilizer System is a nutrient management system comprising of three series of liquid fertiliser: FLEX Basis for root uptake, FLEX Foliar for leaf uptake, and FLEX Micro for micronutrients.

The system is based on a number of flexible formulas that can be easily adjusted and adapted to the individual farmer’s – needs, so fertiliser is always applied optimally, both in terms of growth and cost. We call this: intelligent fertiliser application.

Our vision for the future is to move as much fertilising over to foliar formulas as possible, as this provides the greatest effect with reduced environmental and climate impact. We can then futureproof the fertilising process to avoid – nutrients leaching into the groundwater and adapt farming to a future where the environment and climate play an increasing role, politically.

We also have solutions that make it possible to recycle e.g. phosphorus from wastewater, – so the nutrient cycle remains intact and future-oriented.

In order to adapt to an increasingly unpredictable climate, we have developed our foliar fertiliser so it works in droughts and remains in liquid form for optimal effectiveness under all conditions. This also provides the chance to fertilise later than would normally be possible and optimise yields right up until harvesting.

Combining our products is easy through FLEXandMATCH. We have made it possible to mix many of our products with each other as well as a large number of pesticides, so you can save trips to the field and thereby optimise the number of applications.

If you choose to produce your own FLEX Fertilizer System fertilisers using a FLEXonFARM unit, you have even more independence and can purchase raw materials wherever they are cheapest, but if you just want to get started quickly, our producers can supply premixed products as FLEXtoGO in drums, pallet tanks or in bulk.

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intelligent gødnings design

Intelligent fertiliser design that can be constantly adjusted

Bedre udnyttelse af kvælstof og fosforkvoter

Better utilisation of nitrogen and phosphorus

Optimering af udbytte landbrug

Optimisation of yield and profit

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Would you like to optimise your farm with liquid fertiliser?

We have the solution for you!
Because no two farms are the same, we can help you with the setup that matches your farm’s individual needs and wishes.

FP2 med sprøjte


For farmers who would like to mix their own customised fertilisers

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Gødning direkte til marksprøjten


Get liquid fertiliser delivered
– ready to use and mixable for a high level of flexibility

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Lovanggruppens Handelshus

Become a retailer or a manufacturer

There are opportunities to both sell and manufacture FLEX Fertilizer System fertilisers.

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A flexible system in constant development

Our fertilisers are built on 30 years of experience, and we are constantly developing new recipes to meet the changing requirements and needs of today. We learn something new every single day, for the benefit of both our customers and their crops...

Flex basis gødskning

FLEX Basis

Effective starter and basal fertiliserfor placement or dribbling onto the soil

Flex basis gødskning

FLEX Foliar

Foliar fertiliser for rapid, extra-high effectiveness, even in periods of drought. Mixable with a variety of pesticides

Flex basis gødskning

FLEX Micro

Micro fertiliser that ensures the highest yield. Mixable with pesticides, FLEX Basis and FLEX Foliar products for time-saving combination treatments

We want to futureproof tomorrow’s agriculture

Requirements for agricultural production are constantly increasing, with ambitious future climate goals having major consequences on agriculture as we know it today.

We lead the way and work
with solutions

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Engineering expertise
meets science

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Engineering expertise
meets science

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We have 30 years of experience
to build on

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Higher quality and better results

“I recommend fertiliser from FLEX Fertilizer System and see this is a big step in the right direction for both food quality and the environment, but also for my own wallet.”

Per K. Runden - Farmer

Flexible and environment-friendly

"I recommend Flex Fertilizer to anyone who wants a fertiliser that is good for the environment, provides less leaching and is flexible to mix."

Steinar Foseid - Farmer

Increased yield with lower nitrogen consumption

"With Flex Foliar, we have increased our yields, even with lower nitrogen consumption. It was both easy and effective."

Rasmus Møller - Farmer

Better roots and drought tolerance

“Better root systems give greater drought tolerance and healthier crops of higher quality. And in the case of FLEX Fertilizer System, you can also add flexibility and user-friendliness.”

James A. Been - Farmer

Easy to apply

"It is very easy to apply liquid fertiliser from the Flex Fertilizer System with our field sprayer."

Magnus Hansen - Rostgård Contractor

FLEX Fertilizer System - a unique sparring partner

"We cultivate a unique culture, so we needed a unique sparring partner. The Flex Fertilizer System helped us both reduce our nutrient consumption and get better plant quality."

Kenneth Larsen - Nursery Vornæs

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