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At FLEX Fertilizer System, you have the opportunity to be both a producer and a retailer of our products.

As one of our producers, you don’t just get access to producing our mixes and using our marketing material. We’ll also help you to develop appropriate fertiliser mixes for customers in your local area. This enables us to ensure optimal results.

If you’re not quite ready to become a producer, we’re happy to help you set up an arrangement to supply our products through one of our existing producers, as well as to make a product palette to match your local area.

We can offer knowledge, dedication, and full support from our motivated employees, as well as to provide access to a large, international network that meets annually to exchange experiences with colleagues from across all of Europe.

intelligent gødnings design

Intelligent fertiliser design that can be constantly adjusted

Bedre udnyttelse af kvælstof og fosforkvoter

Better utilisation of nitrogen and phosphorus

Optimering af udbytte landbrug

Optimisation of yield and profit

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We’re stronger together

We help you get both your crops and your company to grow.
We combine our talents with those of our European colleagues and gather tools and knowledge to produce the correct fertiliser and use it as effectively as we can.

FLEX Fertilizer System focuses on effective solutions, high quality, and optimising plant growth to give you the best possible yield – while also striving for the least possible impact on the environment.

Would you like to join the team?

If you are based in an area where we don’t yet have a producer or a retailer, then this could be your opportunity!

Our producers are often small businesses or groups of farmers, who can see the opportunities in having a fertiliser production adapted to their local needs.

If you are considering becoming a producer, we can arrange for you to come and look at one of our installations.

If you’re a large-scale farmer or cooperative, our FLEXonFARM installations provide a unique opportunity to produce your own custom-made FLEX Fertilizer System fertiliser.

If you want more information, you can fill out the form or call/write to:

Peder Beiskjær
tlf. +45 61611062

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