Flex Fertilizer System

The concept

Tailormade liquid fertiliser for the agricultural industry. Complex fertilisers for root and leaf uptake.


Solutions for every situation.


See our production plant.


Correct fertiliser application is important.


The resulting crops looks marvelous!


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Meet the team

Peder Beiskjær


(+45) 61 61 10 62



Allan Nielsen

PhD in Plant science

Product manager

(+45) 28 11 15 51




Jan Fischer

Agricultural Advisor

(+45) 50 77 50 36




Flemming Padkaer






Lise Dahl


(+45) 63 15 20 60
/ 20 11 64 98





Jakob Lyskjær

Mechanical engineering

(+45) 61 73 80 07




Listen to our happy customers from around the world

Per K Runden

Higher quality and better results

I recommend Flex Fertiliser, and feel that this is a long step in the correct direction for the food-quality, the environment and my own purse.



James A Breen

Better roots and improved drought tolerance

When the benefits of better root systems, which provide improved drought tolerances and healthier, higher quality crops and the flexibility and ease of application, are added in, the case for Flex Fertilizers is unassailable.



Steinar Foseid

Flexible and environmentally friendly

I recommend Flex Fertilizer for everyone, that want a fertiliser that is good for the environment, gives less leaching and is flexible to mix.



Torleif Hodne

Improves quality of Christmas trees

We have used Flex Foliar fertiliser for our Christmas trees since 2012. The special formulation ensures a high salesquality.

Magnus Hansen

Rostgård Maskinstation.

It is very easy to apply the liquid fertilizers from Flex Fertilizer System with our field sprayer.

The story

How a small idea had a big impact

Flex Fertilizer System ApS in Odense, Denmark is the international headquarter for the operating company of the concept Flex Fertilizer System™. The company is located on the same address as the larger sister company EGATEC A/S. This company is the fertiliser production equipment producer, and service partner for production units placed world-wide. The concept behind Flex Fertilizer System is based on 30 years of development and trail works. Our founder Flemming Padkær is one of the great pioneers in the field of high efficiency liquid fertilisers, where optimal plant nutrition is in focus - without compromising the respect for our environment.