There’s liquid fertiliser…

…And then there’s FLEX Fertilizer System

Experience is key

FLEX Fertilizer System is liquid fertiliser that has been formulated to suit the crop rather than the fertiliser manufacturer.

While many fertiliser manufacturers are focused primarily on achieving a high concentration of nutrients in their products as they produce them far away from their customers, we put the needs and physiology of the plant centre stage, and offer local, just-in-time production. This makes us extremely flexible and enables us to adapt our products to the weather and the crops from one day to the next.

We use a variety of principles and means to ensure our formulas are gentle, environmentally friendly and easy to use. The liquid fertilisers are optimised for both availability of nutrients and application, to make life easier for both the crops and the farmer.

We have 30 years of experience with formulating fertiliser, and all our recipes are developed internally. In total, we have more than 700 formulas ready for production and are constantly developing new variants. We don’t rest on our laurels but strive constantly to improve our formulas. Our rapid prototyping methods also mean that we can have a new formula ready in just a few days if an unknown need or problem arises.

intelligent gødnings design

Intelligent fertiliser design that can be constantly adjusted

Bedre udnyttelse af kvælstof og fosforkvoter

Better utilisation of nitrogen and phosphorus

Optimering af udbytte landbrug

Optimisation of yield and profit

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We lead the way and work on new solutions

We have seen positive outcomes with a wide range of crops, such as:

  • Wheat, barley, rye, oat and maize
  • Potatoes, oilseed-rape, sugar beets
  • Grass, both fodder and seed as well as lawn
  • Vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, onions and carrots
  • And more special crops, such as strawberries and Christmas trees… and many more…

At FLEX Fertilizer System, we strive constantly to make our fertilisers even better – for the crops, the farmers and the environment. We do not use any environmentally incompatible substances, but only ingredients that are completely biologically degradable. Because it makes sense to take care of our planet. Fortunately, it has been demonstrated that high efficiency and environmental-friendliness are not opposites. With FLEX Fertilizer System, you can have the best of both.

Flex basis gødskning

FLEX Basis (applied on/in the soil)

  • NP starters, e.g. NP 5-8, NP-10-7, NP 16-6
  • N(PS) boosters, e.g. NS 24-3, NP 22-2, NPS 20-2-2
  • NPK complete fertilisers, e.g. NPK 19-1-4, NPK 15-2-6

Can be formulated with relevant micronutrients.

FLEX Basis formulas are for application in or on the soil. Our formulas have a low pH and complex technology that ensures a high uptake rate, low salinity effect and low evaporation risk. Our formulation technology means that we can mix micronutrients directly into most of our formulas, thereby ensuring the crop gets the optimal start and growth throughout the season.

Flex basis gødskning

FLEX Foliar (applied on the leaf)

  • N-types, e.g. N22+Mg, N18+Mg, NS18-2+Mg, N18+Ca
  • NK-types, e.g. NK18-3+Mg, NK 18-3+Mg+Ca
  • NP-types, e.g. NP 6-6+Mg (Flex Bladsfosfor) or NPS 18-1-2 (Flex Blad-NPS)
  • NPK types, e.g. som NPK 18-3-2

Mix and match what you need with FLEXandMATCH

FLEX Foliar is a genuine foliar fertiliser that is added to the plant’s leaves, for example with a flat spray nozzle. The complex formula not only ensures a high and rapid uptake but also an extremely low scorch risk. Many of the formulas can be mixed – so you can combine precisely what the crop needs, or combi-treat with fungicides, for example, to save on application trips. We call this FLEXandMATCH.

Foliar fertiliser is the optimal solution

Foliar fertilisers are the only way to ensure contact between the fertiliser and the plant. This makes it the optimal method in relation to efficiency and rapid uptake. You can often see an effect a day after application, and sometimes even sooner – and with the gentle FLEX Foliar formulas, you can fully fertilise crops such as wheat, barley, oats, rye and grass via the leaves.

The environment and the climate also benefit from foliar fertilisers, as the direct and rapid uptake eliminates loss almost entirely in the case of fully covering crops. The climate is also looked after, as the risk of nitrous oxide formation is minimised compared to application into the soil.

Flex basis gødskning

FLEX Micro (applied on the leaf)

  • FLEX Leaf potassium, Leaf magnesium, Leaf calcium, Manganese micro, Zinc micro, Copper micro, Iron micro, Multi-micro etc.

Mixable via FLEXandMATCH

FLEX Micro products are often used as a ‘insurance treatment’ to avoid the risk of micronutrient deficiency, or as a direct treatment for nutrient deficiency symptoms.

The formulas are part of the FLEXandMATCH concept and are mixable with a long list of N18 types, which you can combine according to the precise nutrient combination you need.


In our FLEXandMATCH concept, we make it possible to mix different products to ensure the plants receive the exact amount of nutrients while also optimising the number of applications needed.

A farmer will typically start with an N18 type and then add precisely those micronutrients that the plants need. This not only ensures fewer applications but also a better uptake of nutrients, as the N18 type’s extremely low POD* ‘rubs off’ on the micronutrient.

*POD = Point of Deliquescence = the relative humidity (RH) threshold where a solid matter dissolves into a liquid. The lower the POD, the higher the uptake rate, as the product will remain liquid longer.

Examples of products in our FLEXandMatch concept:

  • FLEX Manganese micro
  • FLEX Zinc micro
  • FLEX Copper micro
  • FLEX Leaf phosphorus
  • FLEX Leaf potassium
  • FLEX Leaf magnesium

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